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The Historic Northeast-Midtown Association participates in several initiatives to better the health of northeast residents through improvements to the built environment.


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The Health Equity Action Transformation Community Advisory Board was formed with the intention of using the recently released Health Equity Action Transformation Report to provide a recognized platform for community to voice opinions and concerns about important decision-making processes that directly affect their life and well-being. The purpose of the WyCo CAB is to build trust and develop a mutual understanding between residents and the institutions or organizations that provide, or are seeking to provide services to the community. The HNMA’s Executive Director co-chairs the HEAT CAB.

The HEAT Report:

Over three years of intensive study, we uncovered massive opportunities in creating/sustaining health equity among a large section of our community. Historical property value discrimination (through redlining in the 1930’s) has snowballed over time into our neighborhoods suffering from inadequate housing, lack of access to adequate health care, and environmental health injustices.

By identifying the factors that have created these problems, we can target the opportunity areas and begin repairing the damage. Wyandotte County is a proud community. Working together, we can help restore our homes, create awareness of health care solutions, and begin to work toward sustained improvement in our lives.

Click here to learn more about the Health Equity Action Transformation Report.

Because the CAB is the voice of the community, different organizations seeking to provide services to Wyandotte County should consult the CAB before making decisions that could impact WyCO residents. It is by consulting the CAB that these organizations and institutions would become aware of and understand the true needs and feelings of the community. Partnership with the CAB ensure agencies understand how to better serve and truly benefit the residents of WyCO, specifically in the areas north of i70 and east of i635 where our most vulnerable populations reside.

CAB Initiatives

The CAB also has several initiatives which its members have undertaken to increase civic engagement, improve the built environment, and empower residents to advocate for a better of quality of life for their communities.

Two of these initiatives are Servicing Legislative Interactions Producing Solutions (servicing L.I.P.S.) and Come Walk with US.

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Infrastructure Action Team

The mission of the Infrastructure Action Team (IAT) is to build, redesign, and better utilize Wyandotte County's environmental infrastructure to provide opportunities for healthy and active living. Environmental infrastructure includes anything from sidewalks and trails to parks and community centers. The team promotes county-wide healthy policies and plans, and works with existing organizations to increase their focus on healthy living. The HNMA’s Executive Director currently serves as the Policy Chair of the Infrastructure Action Team

Meetings: The 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:00-2:30 at the Community Health Council, 803 Armstrong Ave, KCK 66101, except quarterly when it has a joint meeting with the Latino Health For All (LHFA) Physical Activity Committee on the third Thursday (same as regular LHFA, but starts 30 minutes earlier) at Bethany Park Community Center.

For more information about the Healthy Communities Wyandotte IAT

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Healthy Parks Initiative

The University of Kansas’ Dotte Agency, HCW, The Historic Northeast-Midtown Association, NBC Community Development Corporation, the 20/20/20 Movement, and the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County have teamed up to facilitate a Healthy Parks Initiative. Our goal is to encourage people to be more physically active in the parks. We support a variety of park improvements, including physical changes (e.g. signs, bike racks) as well as community involvement efforts (events, programs, and activities). We are working with the Neighborhood Business Revitalization organizations and other community stakeholders around five WyCo parks:

  • Bethany

  • Fisher

  • Huron

  • Jersey Creek

  • Parkwood

For a list of Wyandotte County Parks click here.

The park communities are taking the lead on determining what their parks and their community members need and want. We will provide assistance and some funding to do improvement projects over the next few years.

Questions? Contact Janell Friesen at 913-573-6703 or jfriesen@wycokck.org.


Enroll Wyandotte

Enroll Wyandotte is a community campaign focused on informing residents of the Kansas City metro area of the changes made by the Affordable Care Act and the options available to them through the Health Insurance Marketplace. HNMA houses several Certified Application Counselors (CACs), assisters certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, who provide free in-person assistance to people applying to the Health Insurance Marketplace. 


Enroll Wyandotte is a partnership between the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County and the Health Department of the Unified Government. Enroll Wyandotte works with several community organizations, including the Historic Northeast Midtown Association, to provide free enrollment assistance to residents of the Kansas City metro area who need help in applying for and selecting health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.


During the 2015 Open Enrollment period, the Historic Northeast-Midtown Association enrolled 39% of the African- American population enrolled into the Health Insurance Marketplace through the Enroll Wyandotte initiative. 

The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to help you find out if you're eligible for and buy health insurance that fits your budget. Furthermore, you can use the marketplace to learn if you qualify for income-based advanced premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions that can lower the costs of your healthcare.If you’re not eligible for a qualified health plan through the marketplace, you may qualify for an exemption and CACs are available to provide assistance applying for exemptions. 


Open Enrollment is currently over. However, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. To find a CAC in your area call the United Way 211 help line. If you need assistance in the HNMA service area, feel free to contact us directly at 913-573-2010 or click here and put CAC in the subject line.



The Why Health program also addresses the negative health affects on residents of poor living environment through our Healthy Homes for Neighborhood Associations. Administered in partnership with Children's Mercy Hospital and the Metropolitan Energy Center, Healthy Homes for Neighborhood Associations is geared specifically for delivery into neighborhoods. 


Funded by the Center for Disease Control, Healthy Homes is a train-the-trainer curriculum constructed for the purpose of educating housing professionals, public health workers, and others in the fields of real estate and housing. A traditional Healthy Homes training requires a two-day training session to fully cover all the core principles of keeping a healthy indoor environment. However, the HNMA realizes that many of our neighbors don’t have the capacity to attend a two-day training. Therefore, we worked with Children's Mercy to pare down the Health Homes curriculum into easily-digestible one-hour modules. During this modules, the Healthy Homes trainer can focus on specific topics from the Healthy Homes syllabus as requested by the neighborhood association. Church groups, neighborhood associations, and other agencies are able choose specific topics relevant to their home concerns and request a Healthy Homes presentation on those topics. Topics are based on the 7 Principle of a Healthy Home and range from easy methods for keeping your house ventilated to keeping it chemical-free.

The HNMA is excited to provide this community service. Interested in scheduling a Healthy Homes presentation?

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