Why Health

HNMA's “Why Health” program is a two-prong approach to alleviating two of the social determinants of poor health; lack of knowledge/information and poor living environment. HNMA uses Community Health Workers, resident of the community in which they live, to deliver education, outreach, and advocacy services.

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Enroll Wyandotte

Enroll Wyandotte is a community campaign focused on informing residents of the Kansas City metro area of the changes made by the Affordable Care Act and the options available to them through the Health Insurance Marketplace. HNMA houses several Certified Application Counselors (CACs), assisters certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, who provide free in-person assistance to people applying to the Health Insurance Marketplace. 


Enroll Wyandotte is a partnership between the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County and the Health Department of the Unified Government. Enroll Wyandotte works with several community organizations, including the Historic Northeast Midtown Association, to provide free enrollment assistance to residents of the Kansas City metro area who need help in applying for and selecting health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.


During the 2015 Open Enrollment period, the Historic Northeast-Midtown Association enrolled 39% of the African- American population enrolled into the Health Insurance Marketplace through the Enroll Wyandotte initiative. 

The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to help you find out if you're eligible for and buy health insurance that fits your budget. Furthermore, you can use the marketplace to learn if you qualify for income-based advanced premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions that can lower the costs of your healthcare.If you’re not eligible for a qualified health plan through the marketplace, you may qualify for an exemption and CACs are available to provide assistance applying for exemptions. 


Open Enrollment is currently over. However, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. To find a CAC in your area call the United Way 211 help line. If you need assistance in the HNMA service area, feel free to contact us directly at 913-573-2010 or click here and put CAC in the subject line.



Take Charge

Unfortunately, in our service area, our community houses some of the lowest levels of educational attainment in the state of Kansas. Our residents subsequently experience high rates of low health literacy which affect their ability to receive quality medical care. Through our various encounters with community residents, we’ve come to understand that many people are confused by insurance terminology, don’t understand the medical instructions provided to them by their primary care doctor, or even how to properly take their medications. To bridge the gap of understanding between patient and provider HNMA uses the Take Charge curriculum, a curriculum made through a collaboration between The Community Health Council of Wyandotte County, The Wyandotte County Health Department, and The YMCA, to help residents of our service area navigate what can be a complex and confusing health system.

Using Take Charge, HNMA community health workers provide culturally relevant one-on-one counseling sessions (free of charge) to community residents who struggle with understanding their healthcare as it affects them and to increase awareness around health literacy in our neighborhoods as well as raise the individual health literacy of our neighbors.


For a Take Charge appointment please call us at 913-573-2010 or



The Why Health program also addresses the negative health affects on residents of poor living environment through our Healthy Homes for Neighborhood Associations. Administered in partnership with Children's Mercy Hospital and the Metropolitan Energy Center, Healthy Homes for Neighborhood Associations is geared specifically for delivery into neighborhoods. 


Funded by the Center for Disease Control, Healthy Homes is a train-the-trainer curriculum constructed for the purpose of educating housing professionals, public health workers, and others in the fields of real estate and housing. A traditional Healthy Homes training requires a two-day training session to fully cover all the core principles of keeping a healthy indoor environment. However, the HNMA realizes that many of our neighbors don’t have the capacity to attend a two-day training. Therefore, we worked with Children's Mercy to pare down the Health Homes curriculum into easily-digestible one-hour modules. During this modules, the Healthy Homes trainer can focus on specific topics from the Healthy Homes syllabus as requested by the neighborhood association. Church groups, neighborhood associations, and other agencies are able choose specific topics relevant to their home concerns and request a Healthy Homes presentation on those topics. Topics are based on the 7 Principle of a Healthy Home and range from easy methods for keeping your house ventilated to keeping it chemical-free.

The HNMA is excited to provide this community service. Interested in scheduling a Healthy Homes presentation?