Unified Government Adopts Northeast Area Master Plan

Following a unanimous recommendation for adoption by the City’s Planning Commission in October, the Northeast Area Master Plan was formally adopted by the Unified Government’s Board of Commissioners on November 29, 2018.  You can download the final plan at the following link:

Northeast Area Master Plan – Adopted 11/29/2018 (29MB)

Rooted in resident engagement and built upon existing strengths, the plan captures the Northeast Area community’s bold vision for its future. Implementation of the plan is being led by the Unified Government and the Historic Northeast-Midtown Association (HNMA), and is being carried out by the organizations, residents and stakeholders who are committed to making the Northeast Area a community of choice.

About the Northeast area master plan


The Northeast Area of Kansas City, Kansas, is rich in history, diversity, and opportunity. While plans have been developed in the past for other areas of Kansas City and Wyandotte County, not one has focused solely on the unique neighborhoods that make up the Northeast Area. Once a bustling hub of businesses and established neighborhoods, the Northeast Area is now in transition. Out of listening, learning, and discussing the challenges and opportunities the community currently faces will emerge strategies aimed at building stronger local relationships, increasing job opportunities, improving local housing and services, and addressing neighborhood safety.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County / Kansas City, Kansas, has asked residents and stakeholders of the Northeast Area to become active partners and provide the grassroots base upon which this plan will be built and implemented. The Northeast Area Master Plan aims to provide community members with the tools to make the Northeast Area a more desirable, walk-able, safe, and economically vibrant place to live, work, and play. The planning process is community-driven and will result in community-oriented early action projects that get the ball rolling on larger initiatives and strategies.

* Note that the strategies and recommendations may geographically extend beyond the technical project boundary depicted in the Project Boundary Map

About the Planning Team


The community is the residents of the Northeast Area of Kansas City, Kansas, and the stakeholders within and beyond the area who invest their time, skills and money toward the continued improvement of the quality of the community and the quality of life of its residents. The community includes a wide range of neighborhood associations, redevelopment organizations and social service providers located in and around the Northeast Area.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas (UG), was formed in 1997 after voters approved consolidation of the governments of the City of Kansas and Wyandotte County. The UG covers approximately 155.7 square miles and is home to approximately 163,800 residents. The UG initiated the Northeast Area Master Plan process with ongoing staff support provided by the Department of Urban Planning and Land Use. The UG also recently began a SOAR (Stabilization, Occupation and Revitalization) initiative to address blight in the area. The Northeast Area Master Plan is intended to work in sync with the UG’s SOAR effort.

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